Wooden Zebra 20"
Wooden Zebra 20"

Wooden Zebra 20"

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Painted Wooden Zebra

These cheeky looking Zebras are hand carved from non-endangered Jacaranda wood. Each of these stunning Zebras will look similar but not identical to the one pictured but each is a one of a kind piece with its own unique markings and poses. Each Zebra will come with its own Product Tag providing a short biography of the artist. Zebras exist throughout Africa, but most live in the grasslands of east and southern Africa. They are quite stout compared to the horse, ranging from 45-55 inches in height and a mature male weighs in the region of 660 pounds. The pattern of stripes on a zebra are like a human's fingerprint, they are unique to each individual with the greatest variation in the shoulder region. 
100% Fair Trade

Size: H 20" (510mm)

Note:This item is not a toy.

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